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    Musique, version générique (1:40)

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    Musique, full version (3:25)

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    ~ Paroles de Xepher ~

    Existing in this place now are uncleanable lies
    I wonder when it has begun
    How far do
    I have to go to see the light?

    Stars in your eyes (Stars in your eyes).
    Stars in your heart (Stars in your heart).
    Until now what you know does exist.
    With your fingertips follow the path of the dirty dark sky.

    At The end of the bright road, what is waiting for you?
    To take you to happiness?
    But You Don't like
    The hatred that was given birth in to you that has triumph over you.
    And it turned it into poison, which is killing you silent.

    Stars in your eyes
    Stars in your heart

    You will live in shadow
    Of shade and commit eighth sin
    Unrequited existence will turn
    Everything into sin